Welcome to Wud Records! :-)
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Wud Records is a UK-based independent record label.
Wud Records owns a vast wealth of fabulous original music.
Wud Records is associated with Explicit Music.
Wud Records version 3.8.0 – latest update: 25th May 2016.

Our mission:
“To bring beautiful music to its natural home – ears.”

* Many hours of beautiful, unique, original music is here free.
* The default music player is… being repaired… and will be fixed soon! :-|
* Read lyrics and song facts at Explicit Music whilst listening.
* We support unusual, underground, outsider, progressive rock musicianship.

Next Live Performances

Pok the Bard and his Trickbox

Coming Soon!
The Bastard Sons of Dennis: new releases
The Ug Brothers: Ugstrumental mastering and release
Pok: more new recordings of old classics
Alien Heat: remastering
The Ug Brothers: Cute But Weird remastering
Wud: live material from 1985
Laughing Sun: Cander mastering and release
Dark Company: a collection of new songs
Alien Heat: some previously unheard versions of songs from the vault
Archives: more tributes to great bands from days gone by

All of our phones are down and will be up again after 17:00 on 26th May 2016.
“In the UK, more than anywhere else in the world, a musical instrument is seen as a fashion accessory.” – Stephen Yates.
“The modern music industry is tough for young bands. It’s all about what’s next, not what’s good.” – Alice Cooper, interviewed on TMS.

Wud Records Signing Policy
1. At present we are not looking to add any new acts to our portfolio.
2. We only consider working with acts we have known and liked for some time.
3. If you have something that you want us to hear, read #1 and #2 again, then, if you really feel you must, send an email to info@wudrecords.co.uk.
4. Try not to be too disappointed if we are unable to do anything for you, even after bribes of chocolate/hookers/rocket trips.