Bad Habits (beta mixes) (2009)

Bad Habits is the first new material from Dark Company since 2002. These songs were all born during 2008 and most of them are approaching the pre-mastering stage. We shall update them as and when they are worked on and make news posts to keep you informed. We love this album, and we hope you will too!

Bad Habits is under construction and new tracks will be added when they are finished. Anybody who downloads a track or the album for 89% or more of the eventual sales price will be sent free mp3 updates by email. This is like an investment in the album and means the investor will have rare ‘unfinished’ tracks when Bad Habits is finalised.

01 Tip the Rest
02 Whisky Priest
03 Pale Sky
04 Buick Visions
05 Nightshifters
06 Days Like These
07 Knowing, We Are
08 Pick It Up
09 More Or Less
10 A Pocket Full of Rye
11 Road Tripped
12 Don’t Look Down
13 Way to Go
14 One Heart
15 Night Man
16 Amanita Alice