Benign Inquisition (alpha mixes) (2001)

These songs form the Benign Inquisition album and were the last new songs Dark Company were working on in 2000 and 2001 before the band became dormant again.

These are only the rough alpha mixes of Benign Inquisition. This means that some of the key elements of tracks are present and that a number of elements of each track are at least in the right general areas as far as how they will be when finished, even though they may not be right yet. Just about all of the live instruments will need to be played properly rather than using the guides laid down here and final editings and mixing and mastering must take place.

We shall upload newer versions of these songs when they become available and let you know about it in our News service.

01 Bright Monsters
02 Heavy Touch
03 Damaged
04 Deadwood
05 Care in the Community
06 Falling Down
07 Colt 44
08 Asmodeus
09 DOS Kapital
10 Nightfire
11 Am I Norman?
12 TNT
13 Seeing, We Should