Ghost of the Art (alpha mixes) (1994)

Ghost of the Art is the fifth album by Dark Company and widely regarded as their most emotional. Personnel: George Davies, Peter Greatorex and Jeff Willmot.

These are the pieced together fragments of the songs Dark Company were creating during 1993 and the early part of 1994. Much of the sequenced material managed to survive the interim period.

We are currently engaged in restoring all of Dark Company’s back catalogue. These are alpha mixes and need a lot of work to finish them off. When updates are uploaded we shall let you know in ‘news’. :)

01 Architect
02 Attached
03 Happy Hour
04 Desperado
05 Dolls House
06 Repossession
07 White Bird on Ivory
08 Mighty Diamond
09 Stuck On You
10 Mirror
11 The Thin Man
12 Reasons