Noir (alpha mixes) (2010)

These are early demos of the Noir album. These are the very newest songs by Dark Company. All of the songs on the Noir album were written in 2009 and we hope to bring you the finished version soon.

This album is under construction. These are the alpha mixes and there is much work still to be done. We thought you might like a sneaky preview into Dark Company’s future. These songs will be updated as new mixes become available.

01 Alarm Clock
02 All Tomorrow’s Parties
03 Cable Guy
04 Change the Light
05 Code Red
06 Coloured Drum
07 Dead Generation
08 FBI
09 Mainstream Man
10 Meat Grinder
11 Mirror Mirror on the Wall
12 Now or Never
13 Please Try Later!
14 Right Turn
15 Sailor
16 Those Like Us
17 Tilt
18 Up West