Signmaker (1991)

These are the first songs Dark Company recorded at Silent Running Studios, Exeter, in 1991. The original album was released on cassette only, and only the first seven tracks appeared. Soon after, the album was reissued with the Eastenders Remix of Crash and the demo of The Joker.

When Signmaker was again reissued in 2000, all the other bonus tracks were added along with all new artwork and a CD release. The bonus tracks are mostly remixes, rehashings and rare studio out-takes that involved a fair amount of myrth.

In 2010 we remastered the whole album, including the bonus tracks, and it is now available as a CD or to download.

01 Killer
02 Astrologer
03 Second Sight
04 Animal House
05 Armed & Dangerous
06 Future Sadness Past
07 Crash
08 Killer (Digital RMX)
09 Astrologer (Kiddies’ TV from Hell RMX)
10 Armed & Dangerous (Digital RMX)
11 Armed & Dubwise
12 Crash (Eastenders RMX)
13 Dangerous Dub
14 The Joker (demo)
15 Blue House (laughter version)
16 Killer (classic blort)