Andromeda: Living Thing EP added to Archives

Posted by Wudmaster on 06/04/18

The Living Thing EP by Andromeda is the latest collection of tracks to be added to the Wud Records Archives. Living Thing is an EP that consists of four tracks – the live crowd pleaser Emdee Emmay, the title track Living Thing, A Flash Into Your Eye and an earlier version of the World 3 album opener Pin. You may find it interesting to compare the older version with the newer version.

Andromeda were essentially a trio who would perform with a fourth member on drums when it came to live shows. The main hardcore of the band was Joe, Amy and Chubs and the photo of each of them from the inner front cover shows them all in typical poses as they entertain their crowd. They were arguably the finest band ever to come from the sleepy Devon seaside town of Dawlish.

The threesome were all extremely talented and incredibly versatile musicans who would happily swap instruments on stage and in the studio. The album credits all three for guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass and programming. We believe Living Thing is the first self-produced EP from Andromeda. The trio were also young and good looking and it seems that a major label might have missed a trick in not signing them up.

After Andromeda ceased to be, Joe and Amy and Chubs formed a new band which they called Trimorphus with some other people. We are not sure what happened to that band or what they are all doing now, although we hope they are continuing to make their awesome songs in some form or another.

We have no more recordings of Andromeda to bring you, sadly. However, if you happen to have some of their music and would like it to find a safe and happy home, please contact and we will be happy to try to fix this.

We also plan to upload the scans of their album artwork to a photo gallery and shall let fans know in our News service and on Twitter. Again, if you should happen to have any photos of Andromeda doing what they did so well, we will be more than happy to host them in their gallery.

If you would like to listen to Living Thing by Andromeda here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you prefer to listen over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

Wud Records: March 2018 musical discoveries

Posted by Wudmaster on 02/04/18

A brand new playlist of all the favourite musical discoveries of the Wud Records team has been published at SoundCloud. All of the artists on it are amazing independent unsigned artists who are making great music that simply aches to be heard. These artists are not associated directly with Wud Records in any way. We simply accumulated songs that we all liked during March 2018 into one agreed playlist and published it at the end of the month.

Tracks have been arranged according to the number of plays at the time of publishing, starting with the fewest. Tracks that are early in playlists tend to receive more plays than later tracks, and we feel that the ones with fewer plays need the best chance of exposure.

Can you complete the challenge of listening to every track? If you manage it, tell us, tell some of the music makers involved, and tell the world on social media how you feel about what you heard. Everyone concerned would love to hear your thoughts. If you find some new favourites on there, why not shout about them on social media as well? We are sure the artistes responsible for creating the music will welcome such word-of-mouth exposure and your friends and followers would probably love to enjoy hearing it too. At the very least you might end up making an indie musician’s day.

There is a vast amount of great music on SoundCloud if you have the time and inclination to filter through it. If you happen to be looking out for some great new music, we’ve already done that filtering for you!

If you are one of the bands from which we recently liked, shared or tweeted a track at SoundCloud, there is a chance that one of your tracks might be on this new playlist.

Are you a member of SoundCloud? We always follow back if you have your own tracks and we always listen eventually, even if it takes a few weeks. So if you would like the opportunity of a bit of free publicity you could follow Wud Records on SoundCloud. It’s even free to join with a basic membership!

We hope that a lot more people will find and listen to the wonderful songs on this new playlist of musical discoveries. Each and every track has something that we felt was special or interesting in some way. In many cases it was a tough job to choose just one track from an artiste.

The playlist is very eclectic, so there is probably something on there to suit every taste. If the track you are listening to isn’t quite doing it for you, skip to the next one and perhaps that will please your ears more. Sometimes similar tracks end up next to each other, and sometimes extremely different tracks do, so we recommend you just try it for yourself.

If you would like to listen to this special new playlist of March 2018 Musical Discoveries over at SoundCloud, please click here.

To enjoy this new playlist of great music here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you would like easy access to all of our previous months’ musical discoveries playlists, please click here and bookmark the page, and remember that we publish a new playlist full of undiscovered gems every month!

Wud Records: March 2018 top ten tracks published at SoundCloud

Posted by Wudmaster on 01/04/18

The top ten SoundCloud tracks for March 2018 from Wud Records have been published in a new playlist. Tracks have been arranged from one to ten according to their popularity and take into account plays, comments, likes and reposts. Our algorithm gives 1 point for a play, 5 points for a comment, 10 points for a like and 12 points for a repost.

Tracks published at Bandcamp have been omitted from the SoundCloud statistics. This is because we feel the Bandcamp results require separate treatment. Archive tracks are also ignored.

Only you, the listener, can influence our April 2018 playlist. So if there is a track you particularly like, keep playing it!

Massive thanks go out to everybody who helped to support all of us during March 2018 by listening, commenting and reposting our bands’ tracks on SoundCloud. SoundCloud‘s popularity seems to be waning following a rather turbulent time for the company and the emergence of new blockchain-based music streaming platforms such as Musicoin. Musicoin is currently offering what we believe is the best pay-per-stream deal on the internet and a far more credible deal than any of the established industry players.

A special mention needs to go out to Atom Collector Records. Their service continues to help us achieve consistently and significantly better activity. If you have tracks on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify, ReverbNation, Musicoin, dSound or FanBurst, you too could see considerable growth in activity. It’s free to join. Just click here to go to their site.

Congratulations to Dark Company, whose track Medicines from their amazing 1992 Rage In Heaven album, has topped our chart again. Medicines has been a massive track for Dark Company and for us all at Wud Records and is now available to be heard at Musicoin, as well as being downloadable from Bandcamp. The March 2018 chart was somewhat dominated by Dark Company, who occupy seven of the top ten positions.

Also appearing on this month’s chart are Wud, Laughing Sun and Flicker. No other act made our chart this month, with Laughing Sun‘s early version of The Dark, The Ring, The Knowledge from their 1985 bootleg cassette salvage album Indeed being this month’s surprisingly popular track straight out of the bizarre leftfield.

If you would like to go to SoundCloud to hear the top ten songs from Wud Records in March 2018, as played, liked and reposted by listeners, please click here.

If you prefer to listen here at Wud Records, you will find that it is the new default music player. You will find it on all non band-specific pages at the site, such as our News service or homepage.

Flicker & Dark Company: fantastic Musicoin month

Posted by Wudmaster on 31/03/18

Flicker and Dark Company have both enjoyed a fantastic Musicoin month. Musicoin is a relatively new blockchain-based music streaming platform that is currently offering arguably the best pay-per-stream deal of any site on the web.

At the Atom Collector Records website, Flicker and Dark Company occupied seven of the top eight places in the all-genres chart at the end of the month, with Spoiler by Dark Company occupying the very top spot. There were over 1300 different tracks that received votes, so to achieve such a result is a truly astonishing achievement and we congratulate both of our bands on their magnificent March success.

1 - 3

Atom Collector Records
All Genres Chart
31st March 2018

3 - 6

Atom Collector Records
All Genres Chart
31st March 2018

6 - 9

Atom Collector Records
All Genres Chart
31st March 2018

8 - 10

Atom Collector Records
All Genres Chart
31st March 2018

Had we uploaded Last Train to Heaven by Dark Company a little earlier in the month, that one may have finished the month in a higher position too. Nevertheless, seven out of eight of our tracks in the top eight positions represents a fantastic Musicoin month.

As it’s been a very time-consuming task keeping all our tracks with enough credits to remain in play rotation, we shall be reducing the number of tracks on Musicoin next month to just two per band instead of four.

If you have tracks on Musicoin, dSound, DTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, ReverbNation, YouTube or Fanburst we strongly recommend you join Atom Collector Records. You can do so by clicking here. It’s free! :)

We also recommend that you sign up to Musicoin and upload your tracks there too. We believe the blockchain is the future for independent artists as they are offering a credible deal to indie artists, unlike the established industry players. Simply click here to go to the Musicoin homepage.

If you would like to listen to some tracks by Flicker on Musicoin, please click here. Every time you listen to one of their tracks, they are paid a royalty (and so are we). :)

If you would like to listen to some tracks by Dark Company on Musicoin, please click here. Every time you listen to one of their tracks, they are paid a royalty (and so are we). :)

Wud Records: improved Musical Discoveries pages

Posted by Wudmaster on 30/03/18

We’re giving all of our Musical Discoveries pages a bit of a facelift. We’re adding the names of the featured artists and the names of the featured tracks. Each artist name will have a clickable link that will take you to a place where you can find out more about the artist. Where possible, we’ve used the artists’ own websites. This will help to raise the profile of these artists as our SEO works pretty good. It will also leave a permanent record of which artists and tracks we supported.

A lot of people seem to be leaving SoundCloud in favour of the blockchain-based music sites such as Musicoin and Steemit, which are at present offering creative artists a far better deal than any of the more established players such as Spotify and YouTube. SoundCloud have had a number of issues which have frustrated their users, including the disppearance of the Groups feature, the reduction in mp3 quality and the dramatic staffing cuts to save costs, including the entire customer support service. As such, a number of tracks have already vanished from our Musical Discoveries playlists and we expect more to disappear in the coming months.

Obviously this is a shame as we collectively liked all of the tracks we have included. We hope that this marginally increased internet visibilty for these wonderful artists will have some sort of positive effect with regard to growing their fanbases and enabling them to continue to do what they do so well – make great interesting original music.

It will take time to update all of the playlists, but at least we finally managed to begin. We publish a new playlist every month at SoundCloud and will continue to do so for as long as we have a professional interest there. We believe that it is likely that all of our material will be transferred to Musicoin and other sites on the blockchain eventually and in time that is where our Musical Discoveries playlists will come from.

If you would like to listen to some Wud Records approved fantastic independent unsigned music that is not connected to Wud Records in any way, please click here.

Andromeda: Walking in a Straight Line EP added to Archive

Posted by Wudmaster on 10/03/18

The 1999 Walking in a Straight Line EP by Andromeda has been added to the Wud Records Archive. This EP consists of five tracks from the highly talented and original Dawlish quartet and is their first release as far as we can tell.

This line-up of Andromeda features the ever-present hardcore trio of Joe Ings on lead vocal, guitar and keys, Amy McGill on lead guitar and vocals and Adam Bonner a.k.a. Chubs on bass and keyboards. Top session skinsman Max Welsman is also credited as playing the drums.

Some of the sleeve notes for the Walking in a Straight Line EP seem to be slightly contradictory, although we have tried to interpret and make sense of them as best we can. All the different panels of the CD have been scanned and you can see them all on the individual tracks over at SoundCloud.

We shall create a gallery for Andromeda as well and upload all of the panels there too for your visual enjoyment. We shall be announcing these publications in our News service and on Twitter.

Although a lot of their recordings have quite an electronic feel, when Andromeda performed live they were an amazing kick-ass rock band, adapting their songs beautifully for the stage. They won and wowed many an audience wherever they played and were favourites of the local music scene and the music press alike.

If you would like to listen to the Walking in a Straight Line EP here at Wud Records, you can do so by clicking here.

If you prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

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