Clonk: demo repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 23/10/15

The Clonk Demo has been repaired and added to SoundCloud. The three songs (The Paranoia Song, Don’t Even Try and The End of the Q) were written by Emma Williams with George Davies and plenty of input on production from Joe Ings and Amy McGill.

These songs were recorded in 2003 and sound nothing like Clonk‘s many live acoustic open mic appearances of those days. In fact, of the three songs on the Demo, only Don’t Even Try was ever performed live in that particular format.

To listen to Clonk’s Demo, you can find it at all of their pages here at the Wud Records website. Just click here.

Dark Company: Benign Inquisition upgrade

Posted by Wudmaster on 22/10/15

Benign Inquisition by Dark Company has had a full upgrade to alpha status and the results uploaded to SoundCloud. The Benign Inquisition album has its SoundCloud player working properly again here at the Wud Records website too.

Towards the end of last year we started doing these upgrades and they were finished some time ago now. More Dark Company material has been upgraded and we will be adding these players to SoundCloud. News updates will be posted when we have done this.

There are 13 tracks on the album which add up to over 52 minutes of music. Benign Inquisition still needs guitars, bass and production to be done before it can be mastered and released. The keys and vocals and some of the drumming we mostly like already.

Benign Inquisition was the last collection of songs Dark Company created in 2000 and 2001 before becoming dormant again. We see this as the end of DC Mk III, as it were.

If you would like to listen to the Benign Inquisition album by Dark Company as it stands at the moment, click here. Lyrics and information are available for Benign Inquisition at the Explicit Music website.

Now: Inauguration

Posted by Wudmaster on 20/10/15

Now finally have a collection of songs called Inauguration posted at their pages on the Wud Records website. These five songs were recorded on the very first occasion that Now assembled to attempt to play music, back in September 1982. This is the first time for over 33 years that these recordings have been heard.

We hope you enjoy these songs by Now, featuring the fabulous musical talent of Mark Drower and others. To listen, simply click here.

Wud Records: Soundcloud replaces FlamPlayer

Posted by Wudmaster on 20/10/15

Visitors to the Wud Records website will have noticed that our resident mp3 player, the FlamPlayer, has become utterly broken. A shame as it has served us well for the past six or seven years. This has meant that we have needed to find an upgrade solution and have done so with Soundcloud.

Over the coming days and weeks, the old FlamPlayers at Wud Records will be phased out and replaced by the Soundcloud players. We have established a growing presence at Soundcloud and more material will be added there in due course. We hope you enjoy hearing great music once again embedded into the Wud Records website.

If you are already a member of the Soundcloud community, come and follow us and like some of our tracks. We’ve only been there a few hours so it’s still quite a lonely place! Links have been added to our Links page, including one for our Soundcloud newsfeed, so you can see easily which collections have been repaired or added.

Wud Records: links page updated

Posted by Wudmaster on 18/10/15

The fabulous links page here at Wud Records has been updated. Some of the pages we were linking to no longer exist or are not supported, and in one case there was something rather nasty attached to a dead page. A few new ones have been added as well.

Feel free to investigate our links page by clicking here, and check out some of those great sites. All links open in new tabs.

Pok: recording drums today

Posted by Wudmaster on 17/10/15

Pok and Sven both left Wud HQ a short while ago having worked on the drums for We Know You Well, a monster of a piece that will eventually be found on Pok’s Anthology album. Weighing in at over twelve minutes in length, this behemoth has all of us excited as it grows towards its completion. It is one of Pok‘s earliest collaborations along with the awesome talent of Mark Drower.

In the past year or so we have not had much time to work on Pok‘s songs. The last couple of months at least have yielded some progress, with a few successful studio sessions being had and more coming soon.

To listen to Pok’s Anthology album as it stands at present, please click here.

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