Dark Company: Alarm Clock and All Tomorrow’s Parties

Posted by Wudmaster on 18/01/13

The Noir album from Dark Company has started to receive its sonic upgrade, with Alarm Clock and All Tomorrow’s Parties being the first newly upgraded tracks to be uploaded. The performances on many of the songs on the Noir album are very sketchy and little more than an outline of some of what is intended to be present, so the most dodgy tracks from a performance perspective may not be upgraded until some of the playing has been upgraded as well.

Alarm Clock and All Tomorrow’s Parties are tracks one and two respectively from Dark Company‘s Noir album. We hope that we can squeeze all 18 songs onto an 80-minute CD when they are done!

In other Dark Company news, Pete’s health has been too poor for him to do anything musical for a couple of months now. He is having new teeth fitted later this week and we hope to see him back in the studio sometime the following week. Meanwhile, he has managed to produce some more of his wonderful visual creations and these have been added to Gallery 7 of his artwork.

If you would like to listen to Alarm Clock, All Tomorrow’s Parties, and indeed the rest of the Noir album as it stands just now, you can do so by clicking here. To see the latest additions to Gallery 7, please click here.

Pok: Summer ’83

Posted by Wudmaster on 16/01/13

Summer ’83 is a new recording of an old song by Pok that has been released and added to his Anthology album. It is a wistful, reflective, questioning song with a slight flavour of acoustic Canterbury prog-rock.

Pok plays acoustic and electric guitars and banjo, Maxx Damage plays the wonderful old Antoria bass he calls The Plank and Zak Black plays the synthesizers. Three of the synths are free VST downloads from those cunning DSK synth boffins who we love.

The recording of this old song by Pok began in the autumn of 2012 and we finally managed to finish and release it today. There will be another song added to Pok’s Anthology album in the next few days – more about this will follow in our ‘News’ service!

If you would like to download or listen to Summer ’83 by Pok, you can do so by clicking here.

Murdock: Night Vision

Posted by Wudmaster on 09/01/13

We have added the 2001 Night Vision demo by those riotous Paignton rockers Murdock to the Archives of Wud Records. Their bass player Adam, now living in Australia, has hinted that there may be more songs lurking in a locked filing cabinet in a disused toilet in the basement where the lights don’t work and someday he may dig them up from their sanctuary to be enjoyed once more by humans worldwide.

If you would like to hear the Night Vision demo by Murdock, please click here and press ‘play’ on the mp3 player when the new tab appears.

Pok: Anthology recording

Posted by Wudmaster on 05/01/13

Pok, our wandering minstrel, has returned to Wud Records to spend some more time in the studio recording material for his forthcoming Anthology.

Over the past couple of days, much production and tracking work has been done to Silver Ships on the Sea and We Know You Well. Both tracks are beginning to sound fabulous! The current mixes of Young Light and Summer ’83 have been approved for mastering. Another one from the archives, perhaps less well-known and called Cunning and Tricks, has been tracked roughly and plans are afoot to begin work on The Sidewalk Song, Love Is My Purple Bicycle, Flashback, Born, She’s Beautiful, It’s a Blue Sky Don’t Hold No Rain and several others.

There is a small amount of video footage from this session which we hope we will be able to bring you soon on our YouTube channel, WudRecords. We plan to publish a lot more videos there in the coming weeks and months.

Wud Records are contemplating the idea of releasing several volumes of Pok‘s Anthology as there is such a great treasure-trove of music to enjoy there. We are considering doing some limited-edition vinyl releases as well as CD and mp3 downloads.

Pok will be back in the studio again next week and we will update you of what goes on in our News service.

Wud Records: our Bandcamp download/playlist chart for December 2012

Posted by Wudmaster on 02/01/13

Here is our collated top 20 download/playlist chart for December 2012 for all the tracks available from the Wud Records shop at Bandcamp.

Everything is linked to open in new windows for your enjoyment. :-)

December 2012
1. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (part 7: the bureau) (Cherry Smoke Empire)

2. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (part 1: overture) (Cherry Smoke Empire)

3.The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Wings Wetted Down (Cosy Lube Turtle)

4. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (epilogue) (Cherry Smoke Empire)

5. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Smile (Cherry Smoke Empire)

 6. Rough Terrain: Won’t You Come Around My Way (Exit Stage Deaf)

7. Flicker: The Percolator (At Least 1000 Words)

8. Alien Heat: Badass Boogie (Red Rug Demo)

9. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Redeemed (Cosy Lube Turtle)

10. Laughing Sun: Fire Burning Fever (Live in Session Autumn 1985)

11. Flicker: It Starts Right Here (HappySad)

12. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Then Came the Last Days of May (Cosy Lube Turtle)

13. Alien Heat: Ship to Shore (Red Rug Demo)

14. Flicker: Farsight (At Least 1000 Words)

15. Alien Heat: Jigsaw (Red Rug Demo)

16. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Subhuman (Cosy Lube Turtle)

17. The Ug Brothers: White Water (Cute But Weird)

18. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Astronomy (Cosy Lube Turtle)

19. Alien Heat: Odd (Red Rug Demo)

20. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: She’s as Beautiful as a Foot (Cosy Lube Turtle)

Dark Company: Gallery 7

Posted by Wudmaster on 22/12/12

Gallery 7 of Dark Company Pete’s artwork has finally been published. Gallery 7 spans the period from June 2012 to the present day and contains two pages. We will publish more images to Gallery 7 when they have been created.

None of the images in Gallery 7 have been published previously.

If you would like to view Gallery 7, please click here.


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