Wud Records: our Bandcamp download/playlist chart for June 2013

Posted by Wudmaster on 03/07/13

Here is our collated top 20 download/playlist chart for June 2013 for all the tracks available from the Wud Records shop at Bandcamp.

Everything is linked to open in new windows for your enjoyment. :-)

June 2013
1. Dark Company: Killer (Signmaker)

2. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Then Came the Last Days of May (Cosy Lube Turtle)

3. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Subhuman (Cosy Lube Turtle)

4. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (part 1: overture) (Cherry Smoke Empire)

5. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Redeemed (Cosy Lube Turtle)

6. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Wings Wetted Down (Cosy Lube Turtle)

7. Flicker: Aeroplane (At Least !000 Words)

8. Rough Terrain: Slark Lywilsbie (Bare RMX) (Exit Stage Deaf)

9. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Before the Kiss a Redcap (Cosy Lube Turtle)

10. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Astronomy (Cosy Lube Turtle)

11. The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Teen Archer (Cosy Lube Turtle)

12. Flicker: The Percolator (At Least 1000 Words)

13. Dark Company: Last Train to Heaven (Rage in Heaven)

14. Dark Company: Astrologer (Signmaker)

15. & co: Armed & Dangerous (Digital RMX) (Signmaker)

16. Dark Company: Medicines (Rage in Heaven)

17. Wud: That’s No Way to Pay a Bodyguard (Daylight Demo)

18. Flicker: Farsight (At Least 1000 Words)

19. The Ug Brothers: The Ug Song (live) (Cute But Weird)

20. Rough Terrain: Starlight Dream (Exit Stage Deaf)

Dark Company: latest Alien Heat album beta mixes

Posted by Wudmaster on 23/06/13

Dark Company have been in our studios and the latest Alien Heat album beta mixes have been uploaded to the Alien Heat page of the Dark Company catalogue.

You may remember that in our News post on 27th September 2012 (is it really that long ago already?!) we uploaded the first four tracks of Alien Heat beta mixes, those being Abnormal, Ship to Shore, Where Are You and Dancin’ in the Dark.

Today’s update consists of the beta mixes of The Winds of Heaven, Asylum Child, Easy Street and Wonderlust.

There will be another update to the Dark Company Alien Heat album in a few days.

Pok: latest recordings

Posted by Wudmaster on 16/06/13

Our wandering troubadour Pok has been back at the studios of Wud Records to add to his latest recordings. We reviewed everything that has been started already and there are now 14 songs and instrumentals in varying stages of finalisation that will make up Pok’s Anthology album. The latest two tracks to be started are Whatever You Are, Whatever You Do and It’s a Blue Sky Don’t Hold No Rain.

We anticipate that there will be some new things for you all to listen to and enjoy in the coming days.

It is possible that Pok may return to the studio in the next few days, or if not, in mid-July.

Dark Company: Cable Guy and Change the Light

Posted by Wudmaster on 11/06/13

We’ve uploaded sonic upgrades of Cable Guy and Change the Light from the Noir album by Dark Company. Still very early versions, these are essentially just better recordings of what was already there with a few things added and tweaked in a few places.

Cable Guy is a ball-breaking rock song song about the troubles of modern war in the middle east and Change the Light is a more whimsical piece which is about the fascinating Nephilim.

The first four tracks of the Noir album are now upgraded alpha mixes, so when you are listening to the Flamplayer here at the Noir page for Dark Company, track #5 onwards will be a bit quieter. We shall be uploading more sonic upgrades of Dark Company songs from different albums in the coming days.

If you would like to listen to Change the Light or Cable Guy from the forthcoming Noir album by Dark Company as it stands at present, you can do so by clicking here.

Dark Company: Gallery 7 completed

Posted by Wudmaster on 11/06/13

Some brand new visual creations from Dark Company‘s poet, lyricist and frontman Pete have been uploaded, meaning that Gallery 7 has been completed. All of the bottom 24 images on page 2 of Gallery 7 are the newest, and as we have a few more such images stashed away to upload there will probably be a new gallery of work forthcoming in the fairly near future.

If you would like to see these recent creations, please click here.

Ug Brothers: playlists fixed

Posted by Wudmaster on 10/06/13

Some of the playlists on the pages of The Ug Brothers here at Wud Records have just been fixed, so now you can enjoy listening to all manner of Ug material once again. These playlists have been broken for some time and as we have all been so busy there has been no time to fix them. Until today!

Now all of the playlists on The Ug Brothers pages play properly, so hooray. To listen and see photos and read about The Ug Brothers, you can click here to visit their pages at the Wud Records website.

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