The Subterraineans: demo uploaded

Posted by Wudmaster on 08/02/09

Deep in the depths of the Wud Records vault, we found the Subterraineans Demo. It was mastered on the B-side of a Wud Demo. Unfortunately it was in rather shoddy condition as the years have not been kind to the cassette. With a few digital tweaks we managed to salvage it and have posted it here for you to enjoy.

It sure is strange to hear a man who has been dead for over sixteen years singing again. One of the lines in Short and Sweet is “Give me life!”. This is perhaps the best we can do for dear old Dean. R.I.P.

The Subterraineans and Rough Terrain: Laney’s biography

Posted by Wudmaster on 31/01/09

Laney has written some of her memories of The Subterraineans and Rough Terrain, and these hilarious thoughts have been posted to their proper pages. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did! A big thanks to Laney for her efforts. X

Dark Company: songs and artwork up

Posted by Wudmaster on 28/01/09

As well as more artwork from the insane mind’s eye of Pete, some new Dark Company songs from the Bad Habits album have been uploaded. Whiskey Priest has been up for a while now, and today we have added the latest mixes of Night Man and Knowing, We Are. KWA may well be subject to a remix, this was largely an experiment to see whether the reverbs would cause the RAM to dribble and splutter over everything. As it happens, it didn’t. Hooray!

Alchemeon: new versions of songs uploaded

Posted by Wudmaster on 28/01/09

Some new songs from Alchemeon have been posted to the public area. There are different versions of Orb and Centre of the Cyclone, and versions of Finale and It’s A Blue Sky Don’t Hold No Rain have been added. Songs have been ordered the same as the proposed set list in the forums to see how they sound when played in that order.

Wud: Daylight Demo

Posted by Wudmaster on 27/01/09

The Daylight Demo by Wud from April 1985 has been uploaded. It’s covered in chorus and flange, and if you listen carefully you can hear the workings of the reel-to-reel tape machines at the ends of the tunes. Nevertheless, we still love it.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis: songs from the archives

Posted by Wudmaster on 27/01/09

Some ancient recordings of The Bastard Sons of Dennis from the Wud archives have been unearthed and uploaded. These are the only recordings of The Bastard Sons of Dennis and are not quite true ones, but there you have it. George had dodgy electrics and a rather hyperactive refridgerator and the various clicks and clunks are the wretched thing switching on and off. We’ve managed to tone them down considerably, but they are still there. A curse upon Mr Smeg.

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