Are Guarana the finest band Guernsey ever produced? We think so. In fact, we think Guarana are one of the finest bands the planet ever produced. There are few bands more capable of evoking the sheer power of raw emotion. Their live sets were each like a precious multi-faceted jewel to be treasured.

After leaving Guernsey to try to forge a career on the north island, Guarana found themselves based in Exeter. From there they proceeded to wow audiences across the south of England with their shows, which were full of humour as well as stunning songwriting and musicianship. Their sound seemed to be much bigger than your usual three-piece, thanks mainly to singer and guitarist Danny le Pelley’s unusually constructed chords, that made great use of jangly open strings.

Unfortunately we have very little information on what happened to the band and where they are now. We believe Danny is married and Gavin is living in Galway, but we cannot be sure of these things. We have no information at all as to what became of Jef.

There was a website with a realplayer stream and photos and discussion, and somewhere out in the universe there is a lot of video footage as every show they played that we remember was filmed by a tall amiable French fellow.

Guarana’s previous contact details were as follows, if you use the Wayback Machine or the Archive – and – we hope you enjoy the music of Guarana as much as we do.

Danny le Pelley – vocals, guitars, keys
Gavin “Mad Dog” Marley – bass
Jef Roper-House – percussion