Pyg were Devon’s finest exponents of caustic folk, and on a good day were capable of filling the dancefloor and rocking the house.

Pyg centred around the songwriting talents of Martin Dearmunn and Malcolm Learmonth. The two of them wrote most of the band’s songs. There were a few covers thrown in for good measure. Martin sang and played acoustic guitar. Malcolm played electric guitar and bazouki.

Other members included Tony Price and then Dave Danielli on drums, Steve and then Kez Cross on fiddle, and George on bass and balalaika.

Prior to becoming Pyg, the band had performed since 1994 (and perhaps even earlier) under such names as The Wise Anticlocks and The Chicken Shitkickers.

The name Pyg came about when Martin’s teenage son told the band a joke. “What do you call a pig with four eyes? Piiiig!” – and thus the name was created. It seened to suit the band well, with its rough and raw rural sound and its roots deep in the heart of Devonshire.

Pyg were based in and around Silverton, Bickleigh and Butterleigh. They performed at pubs, clubs and parties throughout the westcountry. They existed from 1998 until 2002.

And there was a considerable outburst of grunting from behind the rhododendrons.