Gruntings (2001)

The original Gruntings recording was not to the satisfaction of Pyg so they re-made the thing and this was the result.

These songs were recorded by Martin Dearmun. Copyright Transit Recordings 2001.

All arrangements by Pyg. All songs were written by Malcolm Learmonth except Crying Shame which was written by Martin Dearmun.

Martin Dearmun – vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer
Malcolm Learmonth – acoustic and electric guitars, bouzouki
Kes Cross – electric fiddle
George Davies – bass
Dave Danielli – drums

Some quotes:
“A stomping good gyg.” – Pyg Breeders Weekly
“We danced ’til our tales dropped off!” – Trotter Times
“Possibly the best gig since feeding time.” – Scratchings Gazette