Recluse were a three piece band from Devon who wrote the most disarmingly haunting and powerful songs. They were three of the most polite and unassuming young men if you met any of them, yet when put on a stage with some instruments to play they produced the most gloriously demonic musical cacophony.

The main songwriter in Recluse was Alex Painter (guitar, vocals) and when he left the area to study music at Salford the band seemed to grind to a halt. This was a great shame as he was one of the most accomplished young rock musicians and composers in Devon. Chris White played bass and Tim Desmond drums to complete the line-up.

As far as we know, the band made just two albums – Propaganda in 2000 and Ride That Fantasy in 2001. We hope you enjoy listening to the music of Recluse as much as we still do, even after all these years.