Live at The Cooperage 24/12/1990

Watershed Live at The Cooperage 24/12/1990.

All songs by Al Shalliker.
Copyright © Al Shalliker 1990.

Jo Atkins – vocals, percussion
Mark Flack – bass
Dave Gregory – Fender Rhodes, keys
Tony Gullis – drums, percussion
Al Shalliker – guitars, vocals
Steve Smallwood – sound

This is a bootleg recording of the fabulous Plymouth reggae ensemble known as Watershed. This mix may have come straight off the desk as they were inclined to roll that way. The low hum from the cassette machine is somewhat ghastly, but the band mask it when they are playing.

As this is from a live performance, we left some of the gribulage between songs so you could get a flavour of the band. You might even be able to remember where you were and what you were dong on the night in question. Al, the main songwriter and guitarist, and Jo on vocals and percussion, were both highly charismatic individuals and the band always seemed to have a great rapport with the crowd wherever they played.

These are the last five tracks that the band played that night. The rest of the show was on another 90-minute cassette which was sadly stolen by someone who also loved Watershed’s music many years ago, so we no longer have that in our archives. Songs on that cassette included Judgement Level, Back Page Rage, It’s Not Yours, Saddest Letter, Purple Town, Fashion Conscious and some others.