Can of Worms (alpha mixes) (1993)

Can of Worms by Dark Company.

The Can of Worms collection is at this moment in time undergoing further construction. We thought you might like to hear the alpha mixes of these so they have been uploaded for your enjoyment. As and when these songs are worked on the new versions will be uploaded to replace the older versions. We’ll be publishing details of such developments in our News service and on Twitter, so be sure to follow Wud Records as well as Dark Company there!

These are all songs from the early days of Dark Company that tended to be put on the back burner in favour of the songs from Signmaker, Rage in Heaven, Alien Heat and Ghost of the Art. Some of the lyrics were written during the days when Alien Heat was a band, rather than an album.

The album’s name, Can of Worms, is derived from the fact that just about all of the songs on it are songs that the band, and singer Pete in particular, tended to shy away from for one reason or another, whether for a technical reason, a performance reason, an emotional association reason or a preference of musical taste reason.

This album exists mainly due to Wud Records pulling rank. We knew what great songs these were, having heard the demos and early versions. By the time a collection of alpha mixes had been assembled, Dark Company were pleased with the results and stoked to hear them all in one place. Even Pete, who was a somewhat reluctant participant in some of these recordings and had said “How much longer do have to keep wading through this crap?!” agreed that this was a fantastic album of songs in the making.

Do you dare to open the Can of Worms? :)

01 Phase Out
02 Cover Up
03 Blue House
04 Reflector
05 Horizontal Hold
06 Exstacy
07 Sinner
08 Spiritual Remission
09 Joe Right
10 Zero Heroes
11 Close Up
12 We All Light Up
13 Simple Love
14 Clear Day