Old Hands (alpha mixes) (2000)

Old Hands by Dark Company.

The songs from the Old Hands collection are a mixture of songs from different Dark Company eras collected together and arranged on one album. At present there are still a couple more songs that need to be added to the SoundCloud playlist to complete this collection.

The name of the album, Old Hands, derives from the fact that some of the songs and some of the lyrics were already very old when they started to be made real. They were like old companions, some of them, although George was always more keen on things had been been partially created. Pete was considerably more interested in whatever was the most recent thing he had written and didn’t necessarily always see the value of any previous lyrical compositions.

The name also derives from the fact that Dark Company had been making great, original, unique songs for some years. Both George and Pete felt that they knew what they were doing in terms of making music and lyrics respectively. When Maxine took the cover photo of their hands in 2009, they actually were pretty old, with the total ages of their four hands in the picture adding up to 216 years!

These songs are only at the demo or alpha stages of development, so there is still a lot of work to be done to complete Old Hands. Consider everything very much ‘work-in-progress’ whilst you listen. Some of the final elements are in the right general areas, but a lot will change before the album is mastered and released.

We shall upload the improved mixes when they become available and let you know about the updates in our News service and on Twitter. Dark Company have their own separate Twitter feed as well, which you might like to follow.

01 Medicine Man
02 Fixed and Free
03 Peek-a-Boo
04 Double or Many
05 Joe Right
06 Failsafe
07 One-2-One
08 In Case of Emergency
09 Pale Rider
10 Ulysses
11 Slide
12 Distant Dream
13 Dangerous