HappySad Demos (2002)

HappySad Demos by Flicker.

The HappySad Demos are a sneak preview of the forthcoming Flicker album, HappySad. It is unlikely that all 19 tunes will make the final album.

These demos were recorded on an old Tascam 244, many during breaks between studying whilst George was at university. Some of them are very rough recordings. Generally they give a reasonable sketch of the pieces and even have their own peculiar charm.

Funky B is probably the dodgiest, especially the start of it, and Shooting Star and Minnack have probably changed the most. It Starts Right Here was originally omitted from the At Least 1000 Words album due to length.

The full HappySad album is currently undergoing construction and will be looked into in more detail when the Wud Records team have settled into their new premises.