Laughing Sun Live in Session Autumn 1985 ~ for specialists

Laughing Sun Live in Session Autumn 1985 came from a cassette of Laughing Sun recorded sometime before performing their first ever show, which was to be in the drama rooms in the old Hele building of Exeter College. These songs were recorded at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter.

Numerous musicians deserve a mention for their part in the makings of this. Simon sings and plays guitar, Marc plays bass and bongos, Graham plays bongos and bass, George plays guitar and fur drum, Cliff plays guitar and Senga sings. Thanks also to Dave, Suzy and Peter.

There are all manner of curiosities taking place between as well as during the songs. There is blapping in places.

This differs from the standard collection because of the inclusion of all of the extras. These includes the moments of gribulage that take place when songs finish and before the next one starts.

It also includes the recordings that were unmarked on the cassette. The Thing is a composition by Graham that is being jammed. It may in fact have some completely different name, although we are not sure what that might be as of this moment.