Lemming Meringue

Lemming Meringue was Ken and George playing mostly acoustic music. Their live performances were mostly in folk clubs in Topsham and Exeter. They wanted to try out some of their songs and find some other band members before using the Wud name, which they managed to do after a few months.

Once or twice they went busking in the cold pre-Wud, and on one such occasion a passer-by left a packet of Tunes (sweets for if you have a cold) in the guitar case instead of coins. Ken was disgruntled and George was highly amused, which made Ken even more disgruntled.

We have a little of their music recorded and a video as well, and what remains we shall try to upload soon. The photos are from their one and only electrified gig at Exeter College, from which they drew enough confidence to abandon the Lemming Meringue name and proceed as the mighty Wud.