Lemming Meringue

Lemming Meringue was a duo featuring Ken Staple on voice and guitar, and George Davies on guitar. Live Lemming Meringue performances were mostly in folk clubs in Topsham and Exeter. Most of their live shows were acoustic and they also performed two electrified gigs.

The sole aim of the Lemming Meringue band was to try out original material and find some other band members. The plan was to evolve from Lemming Meringue into an electrified four or five-piece band and use the Wud name. This was exactly what they managed successfully to do, after just a couple of months.

Lemming Meringue to Wud were like Soft White Underbelly / Stalk Forrest Group were to Blue Oyster Cult. In other words, it was a semi-secret name that fans of the band would recognise should Wud ever wish to perform some secret experimental shows.

Sadly the band Wud didn’t last long enough for this to ever happen, although the seeds had been planted and it was a known option for future tomfoolery.

In hindsight we tend to think that Lemming Meringue is profoundly terrible name for a band, but there we have it. The name was created on the spur of a moment with little to no actual thought behind it, and it just stuck. Wud were quite glad to be rid of it.