Now grew out of Achilles Heel and the Everyones. One could say that Now lasted from September 1982 to March 1983, and existed again twice or thrice at various later stages.

The idea for Now started with Simon when he and George were still at school together. This was during the days of Fooog Dinboffin and the Release. The idea was to put together some sort of band with electric guitars. There was a lot of walking and wet socks.

The first phase of Now, Now 1 as we tend to think of it, was Mark Drower, Simon Miller, Jon Kneebone and George Davies. It was based at The King’s School, Ottery St Mary and lasted from September 1982 to around December 1982.

The second phase, which we think of as being Now 2, was from about December 1982 until about March 1983. It still was Simon and George, now both on guitar and vocals, with Marc Greatorex on drums.

Later on, the third phase of Now as it were, the band considered calling itself ‘Now and Then’ to reflect the state of the universe. Now and Then happened when Simon, Marc and George reconvened for a one-off jam at a party or festival when they had learned a lot more of their craft and had become considerably more accomplished performers. They never actually attempted the resurrect the Now name as a trio with any degree of seriousness.

Now’s was an extraordinary journey. They performed just one ‘proper’ live show at Sidbury Coliseum, better known as Sidbury Village Hall, in February 1983. The only original photo in the Now Gallery at present is from that concert.