Pok has spent his entire lifetime composing and performing all kinds of music. From electric progressive rock and blues to acoustic folk on mandola, mandolin, banjo, harp and guitar, and songwriting in the ancient bardic tradition, you will find shards of his creativity scattered liberally throughout the pages of Wud Records.

The history of the association of Pok with Wud Records goes right back to the very beginning and pre-dates even Mark Drower and the Everyones, for whom he played lead guitar. The earliest days were coloured by embryonic twangings and wailings in school music rooms in the guise of Achilles Heel, Acid Root and Brick. Sadly no recordings of those three outfits survive as far as we know.

Pok was known as Fooog Dinboffin during the days of Fooog Dinboffin and the Release, his duo with Fedax Si-Hulmin. We still refer to him as Professor Fooog Dinbofin, even today.

Following on from there, the duo developed into Now, a band in which he played lead guitar and sang. The trio that became the hardcore of Now would reform for various performances again and again over the years and jokingly they referred to themselves as ‘Now and Then’.

His next band was Laughing Sun, which was a band that enjoyed numerous incarnations of membership, each with different sets of songs, and it lasted for several years.

All of the above came before Pok’s career blossomed outwards when he was frontman for the legendary Spacegoats. Those well-known street performers and underground festival favourites shot to international stardom following an appearance on The Ali G Show.

Following on from this, Pok and the Spacegoats enjoyed associations with Hawkwind, Gong, Nigel Kennedy, Billy Bragg, Ian Hislop, Ozric Tentacles and many other household names.

After the Spacegoats decided to call a halt to their collective activities, the good professor was the chief songwriter in Alchemeon until the calling of the bard became too strong to resist. His bardic writings and performances had already endeared him to the druids of Stonehenge and took him on many travels throughout Europe, and as far away as Japan.

More recently the Spacegoats have reformed to glorious acclaim from their many thousands of supporters, and Pok has performed with an assortment of musicians he calls his Trickbox.

These pages for Pok at the Wud Records website are dedicated especially to Pok and his own unique brand of genius and talent.

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