Daylight Demo (1988)

The Daylight Demo was recorded at Daylight Recording Studios, Honiton in the summer of 1988. Paul Bateman, the band’s usual front-of-house engineer was the chief engineer of the project.

This demo was actually recorded a week later than was originally scheduled due to that frightful malaise which afflicts so many musicians, which at that time an exasperated Paul rather amusingly described on the telephone to Ian Dent, the owner of Daylight Studios, as “…dis-communication, disorganization and general untogetherness.”

The band were almost involved in a nasty road accident when a car with European number plates was hurtling towards the beige Rough Terrain Talbot on the wrong side of the road. George, who was driving, simply left the road and parked on the pavement under the A30 flyover to the west side of Honiton, and Paul yelled some abuse out the window about ‘driving on the left’.

The results of the recording were somewhat untypical of the band’s live sound. This collection is far more refined, with acoustic guitars and percussion instruments such as cowbells, agogos and shakers, none of which ever featured in a live Rough Terrain set.

01 Won’t You Come Around My Way
02 Two Timer
03 Slark Lywilsbie
04 Slark Lywilsbie (Bare RMX)