Exit Stage Deaf (2010)

Rough Terrain would often advertise their live shows as being from the Exit Stage Deaf tour. This collection of songs consists of the remastered songs by Rough Terrain from both of their demos. The remastering was performed in late 2010 at Wud Records Studio One.

Sadly the best copies we had to work with were on cassette and the 1988 recordings were from a second or even third generation cassette. After the cunning boffins in their lab coats and hard hats had finished with their sticks of dynamite and lawnmowers, the collection actually sounded reasonably good. Another triumph for Wud engineering!

01 Same Old Road Again
02 Frog
03 The Warning
04 Down at the Elephant Fayre
05 Starlight Dream
06 Won’t You Come Around My Way
07 Two Timer
08 Slark Lywilsbie
09 Slark Lywilsbie (Bare RMX)