The Subterraineans Demo (1987)

The Subterrainenains Demo.

The Subterraineans were a fabulous rocking quartet with wonderful songs. The band formed in Exeter in the UK during the autumn of 1986. This was after Dean and George left The Addled Eggs. They wanted to further develop the songs they had written together in that band.

The Subterraineans Demo is a collection of songs that were recorded on George’s Tascam 244 during the winter of 1986-7.

The demo features Dean Trotter on voice and guitars, George Davies on guitars, synthesizer and voice, Jerry Pierce on bass and Graham Barbe on drums and voice.

Due to many years of cassette deterioration the quality is not great, but we have managed to improve a little on what remained.

The cover painting is by an unknown artist. The painting itself came from a street market in York in around 1984 and was given to Wud Records as a gift. We have always loved it. It seems to represent our spirit somehow, as we venture on, disseminating music on our journey,

We have no idea what the painting is called or who it is by and would love to know. If you happen to know details so we can credit the artist for his or her awesome creation, please tell us!


This EP was first released on 7th January 1987.

Cassette salvage and digitisation performed 2008.
Audio remastered at Wud Records Studios 2023.

Graphics by Sam James and Blueprint Studios.


Dean took his own life by suicide at the Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol, in 1994. He was just 29 years old.

Dean had no help at all from the uk medical profession or social services for his mental health, addiction and homelessness. If he had had some help he would surely still be here with us today.

All proceeds from sales of this album beyond 1 Euro will be donated to The Samaritans, who try to help prevent people jumping from that notorious bridge in Bristol. Don’t jump – things may not look so bleak tomorrow.

In Short and Sweet, Dean sings “Give me life” – we hope by keeping his songs in the public domain we are able to do that, just a little.

Rest in peace, Dean.