Cute But Weird (1995)

Cute But Weird, titled by His Grahamship, is the album of The Ug Brothers. It was recorded at Cliff and Graham’s huge flat in above the Real McCoy Arcade in Fore Street, Exeter and engineered and produced by George. It has a much more refined sound than the raw power of the band’s live performances.

Cute But Weird was made and released in the early summer of 1995 and proved itself to be popular in Poland and Germany. It is slated for full digital remastering, and we shall publish news of developments in the Wud Records ‘News’ service.

01 White Water
02 Spin Gone Crazy
03 Lookout
04 What Is It?
05 Wibble and Bling
06 Lifetime
07 Take Me Up
08 Shake Yer Brother
09 The Ug Song