Dark Company: Bad Habits repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 04/07/16

The unfinished Bad Habits album from Dark Company has been repaired and added to our playlists over at SoundCloud. The mixes that have been published are all fairly early versions of the songs and most of the tracks have had more recent upgrades. The upgrades are lurking somewhere in our vaults and may – with luck – reappear sometime soon.

However, at least there is now some sort of representation of the Bad Habits album once again, albeit not the best possible one at present. Fans of Dark Company can at least hear those songs as they grow towards being completed. When we find better mixes we shall upload them and inform Dark Company fans through our News service.

Bad Habits was the first new album of Dark Company material for several years after the band disbanded in 2002. Bad habits die hard, we are told, so it seemed like the best title for this album, especially as reforming the band was seen as a somewhat contentious issue among certain friends of co-founder George. Bad Habits marks the beginning of Dark Company IV, which continues with the Noir album and the as yet unpublished A for Acronym triple album.

It is impossible to say right now when Bad Habits will be finished and released as there is so much work to be done here at Wud Records with limited time and few staff. We do plan to finish it someday, after earlier Dark Company albums are completed and released.

If you would like to listen to Bad Habits as it stands right here at Wud Records, you can do so by clicking here.

If you prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud, you can do so by clicking here instead.

Ug Brothers: In Session 20/11/86 playlist repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 24/06/16

The Ug Brothers have had an old playlist of theirs repaired and added to SoundCloud, along with a few fun facts for each song. It is the only surviving recording of their first incarnation, which lasted for just a few weeks at the end of 1986. This collection features seven songs that were pretty raw.

It may have been the very first rehearsal of The Ug Brothers with drums and amplifiers and noisy things like that. The song Aquarian Spirit seems quite tight and bouncy, so it may have been played a few times before. It seems to be a song that Graham knew well and he may have even quite liked it at the time because George had written it about him.

The cassette we lifted the recording from runs out before the end of Same Old Road Again, a song that was performed live many times by Rough Terrain and appears on their Howell Road Demo and Exit Stage Deaf compilation.

Graham, Marc and George were all present but strangely Dean was not. Dean was the official singer of The Ug Brothers and a massive pot-head, so he may have been too stoned to make it to the rehearsal. It seems unlikely that it was a ‘musicians only’ rehearsal as there are vocals from Graham and George. It’s no longer possible to be anything other than speculative as to what the story there truly was.

You can listen to this recording of The Ug Brothers live In Session 20/11/1986 here at the Wud Records website by clicking here.

If you prefer, you can listen to it at SoundCloud by clicking here.

Dark Company: eulogy to Pete

Posted by Wudmaster on 19/06/16

A eulogy to Pete from Dark Company, who passed away recently, has been composed and published. As he was such a prolific writer as well as being an extraordinary larger-than-life human being, we made a special playlist of just 51 of his many, many songs and posted the playlist to SoundCloud. The eulogy contains this playlist and notes regarding each of its songs.

Each song was chosen because it was either a favourite of his, it showed off his skills as a writer or performer, or was in some way typical of the man or descriptive of the way he was and went about life. It was a hard job to keep the list to just 51 songs.

There are many demos of unfinished works lurking on our machines that will form a forthcoming triple-CD Dark Company album. Provisionally titled A for Acronym, none of these rough tracks were included. One day they will be released, after other Dark Company albums are finished and released. We will let you know more about these things in our News service.

The eulogy to Pete we called Pete’s Area 51. It can be found among Dark Company’s pages, and you can go there now by clicking here.

Dark Company: Pete’s funeral

Posted by Wudmaster on 07/06/16

Dark Company Pete’s funeral took place this morning at Topsham cemetary. It was a beautiful private ceremony for close family and friends. The tone was just right and both the Minister and Pete’s daughter Sammi spoke beautifully and eloquently. Music came from Bob Dylan, Dark Company and Black Sabbath.

Had Pete been there in body he would have been very proud of his daughter and he would have felt that the entire service was just right. Everybody who turned up to the service were the people Pete would have most wanted there, so heartfelt thanks go out to everybody who made it so special. Dark Company‘s biggest fan, Tessa (aged 16 months), felt compelled to inform everybody of a flock of passing birds by pointing and exclaiming “Yu yu yu yu yu!” quite early in the proceedings, which brought a big round of smiles to the congregation and helped everyone relax a little. Pete surely would have enjoyed that moment. He was very fond of Tessa.

In order to honour Pete’s memory, a special playlist of his songs has been created at SoundCloud. All of the songs represent his character, his philosophy, his dreams and beliefs and some of the personal experiences he had. There are a small number of songs that were added because they were his favourites. We kept the number down to just 51 songs and arranged them in a chronological fashion, by album, with every album represented.

Here is the link to the compilation playlist:

Playlist notes have been placed in a new Dark Company page here at Wud Records. There are 51 tracks, so we called it Pete’s Area 51.

You can reach it by clicking here so that you can read and listen at the same time.

The Subterraineans: new pages

Posted by Wudmaster on 03/06/16

Whilst repairing some of the playlists of The Subterraineans, we created some new pages for the band by doing some crafty editing. The homepage for The Subterraineans here at Wud Records contains memories of their dear and departed singer and songsmith, Dean Trotter. We felt it appropriate to keep all of that the way it was.

The Subterraineans now have two new pages here at the Wud Records website. There is a page that tells the history, from the beginnings when The Addled Eggs disbanded, right up to their final show. The history of The Subterraineans is at this moment incomplete, although it is scheduled for the final chapter to be written sometime in the near future. We shall, of course, bring you news of such developments in our News service. To read about the history of The Subterraineans, please click here.

Laney’s Memories of The Subterraineans have been separated and given their own page. Her insights and memories, as somebody not actually in the band but definitely on the inside, are truly fascinating. Laney was the most faithful supporter of the group and attended every rehearsal and their two final shows. If you would like to read her wonderful recollections of this mighty band from the mid-80s, you can do so by clicking here.

At the time of posting there is also a gallery and two playlist pages – one of which is the band’s Demo and the other comes from a bootleg cassette of them in rehearsal, recorded on 16th November 1986 at 31 Cowick Lane, Exeter. Both of those playlists can be found among our collection over at SoundCloud.

We believe there are further recordings of The Subterraineans held deep within the archive vault and we hope to be able to bring you some of these one day.

Rough Terrain: Howell Road Demo repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 31/05/16

The Howell Road Demo from Rough Terrain has been repaired and added to the growing collection of Wud Records playlists over at SoundCloud. The Howell Road Demo makes up about 56% of Rough Terrain‘s Exit Stage Deaf album, which can be downloaded from Bandcamp by clicking here.

The Howell Road Demo was recorded during the very hottest part of the summer of 1987. When George and Paul were doing the mixing, they would periodically go down to the bathroom to cool their heads by putting them under the cold tap and soaking their long hair in the sink. They would then return to the studio, dripping on the furniture and the carpet.

The drums were recorded at The Riverside, a nightclub on Okehampton Street in Exeter that has long since closed. The vocals were largely recorded at George’s flat in Haldon Road and the guitars were recorded at Paul’s Howell Road studio. Alan’s bedroom was used as the live room and he was particularly surprised one day to find a big Marshall stack and microphones just inside the door when he returned home from a festival.

The Daylight Demo makes up the rest of the Exit Stage Deaf album. That collection of songs is yet to be repaired and when it is done we shall let you know through our News service.

There are not so many of the old Flamplayer playlists remaining to be repaired now. Once they have all been done we shall start adding new material from our extensive archives.

If you would like to listen to the Howell Road Demo by Rough Terrain at SoundCloud, please click here.

If you prefer to listen here at Wud Records, please click here instead.