Pok: The Centre of the Cyclone

Posted by Wudmaster on 31/10/15

Today Pok and Sven were in the studio laying down some of the drums and percussion for The Centre of the Cyclone. What they all did was rather pleasing and we are feeling collectively somewhat chuffed with how this is going. Sven did a fantastic job of bashing the right thing at the right time, as is his way, all under Pok‘s considered and contemplative direction, with George twiddling away on the knobs like a man with a beard.

The Centre of the Cyclone will probably be the opening track on Pok’s forthcoming Anthology album, which will definitely be a double CD and may even run to a triple by the time we have scratched our heads and figured out whether we have managed to do all the important stuff that needs to be done.

The forthcoming The Centre of the Cyclone has not been released yet. However, if you would like to listen to Pok’s Anthology album as it stands at the moment, you can do so by clicking here.

Dark Company: Alien Heat album repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 30/10/15

The Alien Heat album by Dark Company has been repaired and restored to the Wud Records website. It has also been added to our collection of playlists at SoundCloud.

These mixes are mostly beta mixes. That means they are not finished yet but are not so horribly far away. All the guitar and bass parts will need to be re-recorded and then final mixing and mastering can take place. We posted these tracks so you can hear the current state of these wonderful songs and will update you with further developments in our News service.

There are 16 tracks on the Alien Heat album, which add up to over 79 minutes of music, so the whole album will just about squeeze onto a CD if we use some vaseline and a shoe horn.

To listen to Alien Heat by Dark Company at the Wud Records website, you can do so by clicking here.

If you would prefer to listen at our SoundCloud page for Dark Company’s Alien Heat, and maybe give it a like or a repost, please click here instead. :-)

Wud: the Daylight Demo

Posted by Wudmaster on 27/10/15

The Daylight Demo by Wud, recorded and released in 1985, is the latest collection of songs to be added to SoundCloud.

The music player we already use here at the Wud Records website is powered by Bandcamp. Nevertheless, we thought it would be interesting to include the Daylight Demo at SoundCloud as well, to see what happens.

Eventually we would like to have all of our music at SoundCloud, with just the tracks and albums that are for sale at Bandcamp. Both sites provide excellent service and we recommend them both.

Click here to listen to Wud’s Daylight Demo at their page on Wud Records.

Click here to listen at Bandcamp (and download if you fancy it).

Click here to listen to it at SoundCloud.

Flicker: The Snail Gauntlet demos repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 26/10/15

The Snail Gauntlet demos by Flicker have been repaired at the Wud Records website. They have also become the most recent addition to our ever-growing collection at SoundCloud.

These demos are only rough sketches of tracks that will form the third Flicker album, The Snail Gauntlet. They are mostly just guitar and bass and a cranky old beatbox, with a couple having a bit of lead guitar here and there.

We don’t anticipate the finished album being ready any time soon as it only exists as a collection of digital folders of jams and guides, and HappySad by Flicker is slated for completion first. Nevertheless, we thought you might enjoy hearing these early demos of what will eventually become Flicker’s third album.

The Snail Gauntlet was so named as the pieces were all written around the time George was at University. Every time he went back home for a weekend he would have to negotiate the snails on the path to his house whilst carrying guitars and speakers and such, and the same when loading the car on the way back to University.

If you would like to listen to the demos of The Snail Gauntlet here at Wud Records, please click here. If you would prefer to listen at the SoundCloud website, click here instead.

Dark Company: today’s studio action

Posted by Wudmaster on 25/10/15

Today’s studio action at Wud Records focused on Dark Company. Pete appeared an hour later than normal because he was unaware that the clocks went back last night (!) and we recorded the vocals for Shadow Play and Red Sun.

Before and after his visit we were working on various production aspects of Repossession from the Ghost of the Art album, which has been having an upgrade.

Dark Company tend to gather in Studio One most Sundays and we shall let you know more about what they have been up to following subsequent studio sessions.

Addled Eggs: live in session 1986 repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 25/10/15

The Addled Eggs bootleg recording of themselves live in session in 1986 has been repaired and reuploaded to the Wud Records website and added to SoundCloud.

It seems strange to think that it has been 20 years now since dear old Dean died. His smile and his laugh, his funny ways and his talent will never be forgotten by those of us that knew him.

We hope you enjoy this blast from the past from The Addled Eggs. If you would like to listen at the Wud Records website, click here. If you would prefer to listen at the SoundCloud website, click here.