July 2022

July 2022 Top Ten Tracks

Here are our combined July 2022 Top Ten Tracks at Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

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# Band Track Album Change +/- Months on Chart
1. Dark Company Astrologer Signmaker re 2
2. Dark Company Crash Signmaker re 9
3. Flicker Oily Road Hideaway At Least 1000 Words +1 23
4. Flicker Moonpath At Least 1000 Words -3 35
5. Mark Drower and the Everyones The Mirror The Blaze Tape re 2
6. Dark Company Damaged Benign Inquisition -1 4
7. Dark Company Medicines Rage in Heaven -3 48
8. Dark Company Sacrifice Rage in Heaven -6 8
9. Flicker Farsight At Least 1000 Words re 27
10. Dark Company Spiritual Remission Can of Worms -4 5