Alchemeon: Live In Session Winter 2008-09 added to Bandcamp

Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09 has been added to Bandcamp. The individual tracks, and indeed the whole album, are now yours to download, should you so wish.

The songs on Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09 have been arranged into the same order that they were played in Alchemeon‘s live set, even though the recordings were made on three separate dates – the 12th and 17th December 2008, and 13th January 2009. All of the songs were recorded at Depot X in Exeter.

If you have never come across Alchemeon before, they were a magnificent psychedelic progressive space rock quartet. The players were Pok the Bard on guitar and voice, Jim Iz on keyboards and voice, Iggy on drums and George on bass. All four are tremendous virtuoso musicians in their own right and Alchemeon was something of a supergroup.

A lot of their songs came from previous bands, such as the Spacegoats and Laughing Sun. The songs had developed and grown over the years from having been played by various players. Pok was a mainstay of both Laughing Sun and Spacegoats. George was a co-founder of the former and a rare stand-in of the latter. Jim was also an occasional Spacegoat. Iggy was new to the whole thing and, being an absolute master of his craft, fitted in with no trouble at all.

The name Alchemeon was devised by Jim. It is an amalgamation of the words ‘alchemy’ and ‘chameleon’. Chameleon also happens to be the name of a play written by Pok. It has been performed by various casts on numerous stages over many years.

At the time of publishing this, we are still waiting on the finished artwork to arrive. Sometimes these things can take a very, very long time. However, we thought it was still worthwhile adding Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09 to our downloadables at Bandcamp, even with temporary artwork.

Also at the time of publishing this, we are busy repairing and remastering Alchemeon‘s sessions from Spring 2009. We hope to be able to bring you these wonderful recordings in the next few days. Please keep an eye on our News service and Twitter for further updates.

Several of these songs have been recorded in our studios and appear on Pok’s Anthology album. Several more are in the works.

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