Alien Heat: Essential on Bandcamp

The Alien Heat collection that we named Essential is now for sale at Bandcamp. You can buy your copy or individual tracks by clicking here.

Essential is Alien Heat live and at their most raw. The recordings were made during their rehearsals at Bandspace. Some of the playing is perhaps not as polished as it might be, but the power and energy of the music is undeniable.

This collection features nine of their best-loved songs arranged in chronological order of when they were composed. The raw metal power of songs such as Easy Street and Wonderlust are a contrast to the more progressive rock sounds of the beautiful Abnormal and Ship to Shore. Odd is a funktastic bass-driven blast, and the mellower AOR grooves of Jigsaw and Asylum Child are a counterpoint to the spiky angular Badass Boogie and Dancing in the Dark. Pete’s dark allegorical lyrics are all available to read and follow at Explicit Music which you can see by clicking here.