The Bastard Sons of Dennis: The Furniture (Los Muebles)

The Furniture (Los Muebles) is a new release from The Bastard Sons of Dennis. The song was originally included on the Cherry Smoke Empire album where it is split into its various parts. This version is the complete, uninterrupted version.

The Furniture (Los Muebles) is a traditional northern Spanish sea shanty from the Asturias region. It tells a tale of how a disfunctional family of linguistically challenged fishermen lost and then found some furniture following a flood, and the consequences. Linguistically challenged means, in this case, they were not terribly bright and could not even speak their own language very well.

The Spanish version has been loosely translated into English by The Bastard Sons of Dennis. This song and its anomalies of translation make a great teaching aid, if one happens to have students learning English or Spanish. From an idea by Daniel Richardson.

Normally a single would be around 3:30 in length, have a particular kind of sound, and be concerned with the subject of romance or sex if it were to be deemed acceptable for mainstream radio play. Here at Wud Records we think this form of corporate control, brainwashing and censorship is bad news for creativity, so we have released this epic piece of music as a single in defience of their ghastly practices.

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We have set The Furniture (Los Muebles) for free download or pay-what-you-want from Bandcamp. We hope you enjoy this fabulous piece of music!

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