The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Good Times

Good Times is the latest track to be released by The Bastard Sons of Dennis. It is also the final track to add to complete their Cherry Smoke Empire album.

As with the rest of the album, you can name your own price when you download Good Times. This even includes downloading for free if wish. Obviously, if you feel the track has some value for you, then any contributions towards keeping us all supplied with electricity and bread are greatly appreciated!

Good Times is a song in the glorious key of G that Andy wrote many years ago. It is about a tale that the driver of a vehicle told his passenger, who was a hitchhiker, and the hitchhiker’s recounting of said tale.

Originally The Bastard Sons of Dennis recorded a somewhat more electrified version of Good Times, but to be brutally honest it was rather shambolic. We used the arrangement, which we felt was bang on, and re-recorded everything. The new recording is at 432hz. It was interesting recording guitar tuned to 432hz whilst listening to the guides, which were tuned to 440hz!

The Bastard Sons of Dennis played Good Times live on many occasions and would even use it to start some of their performances. The acoustic funk jam at the beginning (and towards the end) was great for a bit of on-the-fly knob twiddling for whoever was the front-of-house engineer at a show.

It’s taken about six years to put the whole Cherry Smoke Empire album together so far. Now that all the tracks for it are in place, we need to finalise the album before calling it done. This includes making sure all the lyrics, credits, links, tags, copyrighting, barcodes, PRS/MCPS and artwork are sorted, as well as checking out all of the mixes to see if anything needs a final tweak.

In other news concerning The Bastard Sons of Dennis, a new EP is in the making. There are five new and diverse tracks in varying amounts of bits and pieces within our machines. This forthcoming EP will be a bigger production and feature more electric instruments, synths and the sound of a full band. We shall continue to bring you all the news concerning The Bastard Sons of Dennis in our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to hear or download Good Times by the Bastard Sons of Dennis from Bandcamp, please click here.

To listen to it here at Wud Records instead, click here to open the Cherry Smoke Empire page.