The Bastard Sons of Dennis: more studio action

Mr Lijkkes of The Bastard Sons of Dennis recorded his vocals for several songs today in Studio One at Wud Records. Last Days of May, She’s as Beautiful as a Foot, Redeemed and Seven Screaming Diz-Busters are all coming along well and will soon be added to The Subhuman on their latest studio recordings page. We hope to have a CD available before much longer.

We also reviewed some of the other recordings by the Bastard Sons of Dennis. Wings Wetted Down, Before the Kiss a Redcap and Teen Archer need further work. All of these are just simple acoustic guitar and voice renditions, faithful to their live performances.

Some of the BSoD original recordings are also under review. These will be larger scale productions with electric guitars and bass and drums. So far Good Times and Smile are under construction. We had a short time to look at possible drums for Good Times at the end of our session today.

The band have recently added a couple of new songs to their set, including Don’t Turn Your Back and a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. More live shows from the Bastard Sons of Dennis will be announced soon. The band hope to be able to travel a little further afield with new transport and their own PA in the near future.