The Bastard Sons of Dennis: new songs, many shows

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have been working on some original material and plan to record it soon in our studios. Andy’s songs Good Times, Sometimes and Smile are all coming together very well and were all performed live during their long performance at the Hole in the Wall recently. Good Times and the jammed Pancake Blues were also performed live at the Black Horse on Thursday and their previous Black Horse performance allowed them to debut the song Where Is the Furniture of My Brother.

There are some more BSoD originals on the way as well. These include Andy’s songs Pieces of Me and The Cruellest Dream, George’s horribly mad instrumental Second Act and the recent creation from both Bastards, Where Is the Furniture of My Brother. Keeping up the Blue Oyster Cult theme, the songs Subhuman and Career of Evil are also swirling around the melting pot.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have now played numerous shows at various venues and will be returning to them all at various points when they are holding open mic nights. These include The Amber Rooms and The Oddfellows (Mondays), The Hole in the Wall (Tuesdays), The Black Horse and The Angel (Thursdays) and The Rusty Bike (Sundays). We hope that you will keep a lookout for them.