The Bastard Sons of Dennis: recordings, gigs and free CDs

The Bastard Sons of Dennis recorded all of their songs in a live stylee on Wednesday and plan to burn off some CDs to give away at live performances. The finished recording was just under three hours long, so the boys will need to work with our engineers to edit the thing down to a CD’s length.

In other BSoD news, the duo have been continuing to perform and entertain at various open mic nights including The Hole in the Wall, The Black Horse and The Oddfellows. Andy is off for some holidays in Croatia on the 4th, so the plan is to play many shows before he goes. Upon his return they hope to start performing some longer gigs.

It would seem that the Black Horse’s open mic night is about to move. The Bastard Sons of Dennis hope the move will be quick, painless and successful as it is a venue they particularly enjoy playing.

There will be a charity event held at Mama Stone’s on May 17th to which The Bastard Sons of Dennis have been invited to play for an hour. More news on this when it becomes available.