Clonk!: lyrics transcribed

The lyrics for the Clonk! Demo have been transcribed and are still so fresh they are radiating warmth. Some brand new web pages have been added to the Explict Music website precisely for these sets of the band’s lyrics. Also at these new pages over at Explicit Music you will find details of the recordings and some fun facts about the songs.

All of the information has been made available at Clonk!’s three song pages on SoundCloud as well. That means that if you choose to listen to their Demo here or over at SoundCloud you can follow the lyrics and read about the tracks whilst listening.

Clonk! were very popular back in 2002-3 what with their somewhat tongue-in-cheek live performances that oozed virtuosity. Although the band are no longer active, their songs will continue to live on here at Wud Records.

Deep within our archives there is a little more Clonk! material and we hope that one day we shall be able to bring this to you as well. When we manage to dig it up we shall inform fans via our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to listen to the Clonk! Demo here at Wud Records whilst enjoying the lyrics at Explicit Music, you can do so by clicking here.

If you prefer to do the same thing over at SoundCloud, please click here instead.

Just as a quick footnote, we seem to have removed the default FlamPlayer from various pages on our website but the new player that we hoped was going to appear has not yet done so. Instead, the whole of that area of the page now looks a bit… odd. This is mostly down to ignorance and incompetence on our parts and we hope to rectify this prolonged ongoing issue in the near future.