Dark Company: Alien Heat beta mixes

All of the beta mixes for the forthcoming Alien Heat album by Dark Company have now been uploaded to the Wud Records site. The most recent additions to the Alien Heat playlist are Alpha Omega, Jigsaw, Crash and The Joker.

If you would like to listen to the Alien Heat album as it stands at present, please click here and then press play on the player in the new tab that opens.

All of the Alien Heat songs still need much work to finish them off. Alpha mixes are only ballpark approximations of songs, whereas beta mixes have been worked on some more with most parts recorded to varying degrees of finalisation, and they may even contain several elements that will appear in the final fully mastered mix.

It is said that it takes 95% of the time to do the first 95% of the work on a song, and then another 95% of the time to finish the last 5%. These songs are now into the final 95%. We hope you enjoy listening to these Dark Company songs.