Dark Company: Alien Heat upgrade

We have given the Alien Heat album by Dark Company a sonic upgrade from how it was before. This includes better quality recordings of the songs and updated versions of the recorded performances. This brings the songs uploaded there to full alpha stage, as before they were very bare and of poor quality and little more than bleeegls.

So far eight of the songs have been given the upgrade treatment and there another eight to work on and upload. We shall let you know when we have done this, although the best way to stay in touch with all the latest news from Dark Company is to follow their Twitter feed, which you can do by clicking here.

The songs we have upgraded are Abnormal, Ship to Shore, Where Are You, Dancin’ in the Dark, Alpha Omega, Jigsaw, Mister Dream and Traveller. You can hear all of these upgraded songs right now by clicking here.

As these are only alpha mixes, they require a fair bit more work to make them finished and radio-friendly. We shall continue with this work in time and post news of results to the News section here at Wud Records.

The songs that still need to be upgraded and added back to the Alien Heat collection are The Winds of Heaven, Asylum Chid, Easy Street, Wonderlust, Crash, Prisoner, Bodyfire and The Joker.