Dark Company: Alien Heat vocals complete

Today Pete managed to record the vocal parts for The Winds of Heaven, which was the last song of the Alien Heat collection by Dark Company that needed them. We were surprised at how good the results were, with Pete sounding like the bizarre lovechild of Geddy Lee and Johnny Lydon!

The alpha mixes have been uploaded to Dark Company’s Alien Heat page. More work will be done to these songs in due course.

Pete lost a tooth last week, but as he has more worrying health issues at hand we have agreed a new plan of action with Dark Company. Our intention is to speed up the re-recording of their lost back catalogue and to begin work on their new album, Noir. Pete’s health means that he has weeks rather than months to finish everything in, so we hope to achieve this before his medical conditions and their treatment dominate his schedule. Once his medications are stabilised we will reassess the situation with Dark Company, although at present it looks very much as if Noir will be their final album.

Meanwhile, work on More or Less, the next song from the Bad Habits collection, is progressing. The vocals have been re-recorded and the bass and drums are all fixed. We are hoping that George will be able to redo the guitar tracks that need touching up next week.