Dark Company: Bad Habits repaired

The unfinished Bad Habits album from Dark Company has been repaired and added to our playlists over at SoundCloud. The mixes that have been published are all fairly early versions of the songs and most of the tracks have had more recent upgrades. The upgrades are lurking somewhere in our vaults and may – with luck – reappear sometime soon.

However, at least there is now some sort of representation of the Bad Habits album once again, albeit not the best possible one at present. Fans of Dark Company can at least hear those songs as they grow towards being completed. When we find better mixes we shall upload them and inform Dark Company fans through our News service.

Bad Habits was the first new album of Dark Company material for several years after the band disbanded in 2002. Bad habits die hard, we are told, so it seemed like the best title for this album, especially as reforming the band was seen as a somewhat contentious issue among certain friends of co-founder George. Bad Habits marks the beginning of Dark Company IV, which continues with the Noir album and the as yet unpublished A for Acronym triple album.

It is impossible to say right now when Bad Habits will be finished and released as there is so much work to be done here at Wud Records with limited time and few staff. We do plan to finish it someday, after earlier Dark Company albums are completed and released.

If you would like to listen to Bad Habits as it stands right here at Wud Records, you can do so by clicking here.

If you prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud, you can do so by clicking here instead.