Dark Company: eulogy to Pete

A eulogy to Pete from Dark Company, who passed away recently, has been composed and published. As he was such a prolific writer as well as being an extraordinary larger-than-life human being, we made a special playlist of just 51 of his many, many songs and posted the playlist to SoundCloud. The eulogy contains this playlist and notes regarding each of its songs.

Each song was chosen because it was either a favourite of his, it showed off his skills as a writer or performer, or was in some way typical of the man or descriptive of the way he was and went about life. It was a hard job to keep the list to just 51 songs.

There are many demos of unfinished works lurking on our machines that will form a forthcoming triple-CD Dark Company album. Provisionally titled A for Acronym, none of these rough tracks were included. One day they will be released, after other Dark Company albums are finished and released. We will let you know more about these things in our News service.

The eulogy to Pete we called Pete’s Area 51. It can be found among Dark Company’s pages, and you can go there now by clicking here.