Dark Company: exclusive fan offer

Dark Company have announced an exclusive fan offer! It is something very special for all fans who have supported the band over the years.

This exclusive fan offer means that everyone who has bought Dark Company albums online will be able to listen to some previously unheard *new* material. This material will not be available on general release for some time to come.

We will send an email with a link to a secret web location where the unfinished tracks are stored in a playlist for Dark Company fans to enjoy.

Please do not share it! Otherwise we will have to change the secret code and send the details out to everybody again! This will probably cause a certain amount of disgruntlement to our admin assistant, which we would prefer to avoid.

These emails will be sent out in the next few days. New email addresses we receive from Dark Company fans who buy albums will be checked for periodically.

So if you would like to hear some secret Dark Company songs before they are put on general release for everyone else, it’s not too late. Simply pay for a download of one of their albums from Bandcamp and leave us your email when you do the download.

We will then send you the secret web address whenever we have an outbreak of admin work, which is normally at least once every couple of weeks.

Should you happen to live in the uk it is probably a good idea to download an album or two before the end of October. After brexit the value of the pound is likely to drop. Just saying.

There are two finished Dark Company albums available for downloadSignmaker and Rage in Heaven. We sold out of CDs and cassettes a long time ago. Another run of old physical product is planned for when we have a budget to make such an investment.

To download a Dark Company album, simply click here to go to our store at Bandcamp.

In case the link is somehow broken, you can copy/paste this link into your address bar: https://wudrecords.bandcamp.com/

As you may know, Dark Company’s final studio album is intended to be a triple CD. It is a collection of all the last songs that the band were creating before Pete passed away in 2016.

The new album will be made up of a CD of ‘rock’, a CD of ‘reggae’ and a CD of ‘other’ songs. It has the working title A for Acronym. As you can imagine, it is slightly weird doing work on an album featuring a dead dude, especially one who was such a larger-than-life character.

At present about half of the new tracks are ready (slightly stretching the usage of the definition of ‘ready’) for an early pre-listen and we hope to add the rest of the ‘rock’ tracks in the coming weeks. The other two CDs will be developed more once the ‘rock’ CD is developed more and after we have advanced some of the work we are involved in with other artists. Feel free to check back every so often to see if something new has been added!

We are also trying, in between everything else, to work on Dark Company’s back catalogue material that remains unfinished. There is plenty of it! A couple of weeks ago we had Sven in the studios laying down drums for, among other things, Sinner from the Can of Worms album. It’s sounding wonderful and the new improved version will be uploaded sometime soon.

The biggest stumbling block to finishing more Dark Company back catalogue material is the guitar amp we want to use. It is one of the first vintage Mk I Marshalls ever to be produced in the early 60s and has undergone a couple of unique modifications. It has a very low serial number so is worth an absolute fortune. It sounds unbelievably good as well as being absurdly loud.

Unfortunately it needs an expensive service and overhaul and we simply don’t have the budget to do it at present. By selling a few more Dark Company albums we will be able to build a budget for the necessary work to be done.

We hope that Dark Company fans will enjoy this special exclusive fan offer. We intend to keep it open for the next few months and will let Dark Company fans know when it is ending via our News service and on Twitter.