Dark Company: Happy Hour

Track three of Dark Company’s Ghost of the Art album has now been uploaded. The song is called Happy Hour and is a rather beautiful wistful thing full of allegory, which speaks of Harlequin and Pierrot. There are three more songs to upload to complete the Ghost of the Art alphas and we hope to achieve that later this week.

Like all of the others on this collection at the moment, Happy Hour is only an alpha mix and is far from being finished. We uploaded it as we know there are some of you out there who would love to hear it already, even in its fledgling state.

Once Ghost of the Art is fully recorded to alpha stage, we will do some more work on Noir and begin working on Benign Inquisition.

We also hope to upload some of the &co material to the Old Hands page before much longer. Unfortunately some of that material has gone missing from the archives. We are looking into the possibility of borrowing a sniffer walrus from the zoo.