Dark Company: new and old material

During this period while Studio One has been out of action due to an upgrade (and a horrible disease which has afflicted many of our staff), several things have happened.

All of the existing material for the Alien Heat album from Dark Company has been examined carefully and only one of the synths (the Procussion) needs much reprogramming to finish these. Pete has already recorded some vocal tracks for a few of the songs. As many of them were almost finished during the days of Silent Running Studios, it will not take vast amounts of work to complete this collection.

Pete is still writing new songs at the rate of several a week and with Bad Habits expected to be finished by the end of September, a new album is being planned. Between ourselves and the band we have chosen 18 songs to develop further for a future album. If there is enough material of sufficient quality, we are considering a double album.

It is hoped that we will all be well enough to finish putting Studio One back together again this weekend so that work on Bad Habits can be completed.