Dark Company: Pete’s funeral

Dark Company Pete’s funeral took place this morning at Topsham cemetary. It was a beautiful private ceremony for close family and friends. The tone was just right and both the Minister and Pete’s daughter Sammi spoke beautifully and eloquently. Music came from Bob Dylan, Dark Company and Black Sabbath.

Had Pete been there in body he would have been very proud of his daughter and he would have felt that the entire service was just right. Everybody who turned up to the service were the people Pete would have most wanted there, so heartfelt thanks go out to everybody who made it so special. Dark Company‘s biggest fan, Tessa (aged 16 months), felt compelled to inform everybody of a flock of passing birds by pointing and exclaiming “Yu yu yu yu yu!” quite early in the proceedings, which brought a big round of smiles to the congregation and helped everyone relax a little. Pete surely would have enjoyed that moment. He was very fond of Tessa.

In order to honour Pete’s memory, a special playlist of his songs has been created at SoundCloud. All of the songs represent his character, his philosophy, his dreams and beliefs and some of the personal experiences he had. There are a small number of songs that were added because they were his favourites. We kept the number down to just 51 songs and arranged them in a chronological fashion, by album, with every album represented.

Here is the link to the compilation playlist:

Playlist notes have been placed in a new Dark Company page here at Wud Records. There are 51 tracks, so we called it Pete’s Area 51.

You can reach it by clicking here so that you can read and listen at the same time.