Dark Company: Phonic FM debut

Dark Company were played on Phonic FM for the first time earlier tonight by Jon on the show he shares with Gordon called Future Sound of Exeter. They gave Wud Records a great plug as well, so thanks for that! :)

They have a copy of the demo of Dark Company’s forthcoming Bad Habits album and played the 7″ edit of Knowing, We Are after some Gong and Can. When the next CD failed to play, they resorted to Dark Company while things were fixed and played More or Less as well. Awesome! Afterwards it was a spot of Kraftwerk, so a great job all in all.

Meanwhile back here, we have been busy linking up Dark Company’s pages with the proper lyrics and information over at Explicit Music. You can now listen to their first three albums (Signmaker, Rage in Heaven and Alien Heat) while reading the lyrics and various pieces of information and trivia concerning each song.

There will be more news posted here concerning Dark Company very soon…