Dark Company: studio activity

Dark Company have been reasonably active in the studio since the site rebuild. We have just uploaded the pre-master mix of Road Tripped to their Bad Habits album, and can now give you a full update on what Dark Company have been doing recently.

As well as Road Tripped, More or Less has also been completed to pre-mastering stage and was uploaded to the Bad Habits collection during the time that the site was being rebuilt.

Ghost of the Art has been completed to alpha stage and all of the songs from that album are now available to be heard on Dark Company’s Ghost of the Art page. These include Dolls House, White Bird on Ivory and Reasons, none of which had been uploaded before the site rebuild.

The band have been laying down guides for the Benign Inquisition album from 2000. So far they have done TNT, Bright Monsters, Colt 44, Care in the Community, Falling Down and the verses for Heavy Touch. We hope to be able to make some of these tracks available for you to hear soon.

And that’s not all! We have made some progress with their Noir album as well. Pete recorded the vocals for Dead Young, FBI and Mainstream Man. Pete has been searching around for some sound samples that he likes for Code Red, although we have not done the vocals for that song yet.

In another news post we mentioned that some of the &co material had been remastered and uploaded to the Old Hands page. Now that we have located more of such material we plan to remaster and complete that collection before remastering Signmaker and Rage in Heaven. By then it should be time to master and launch Bad Habits.

Tomorrow we will strap Pete securely to the mic and make him wear his ear goggles again, so there will probably be more news soon.