Dark Company: Signmaker and Rage in Heaven albums distributed globally

The Signmaker and Rage in Heaven albums by Dark Company are now being distributed globally to all the major streaming platforms.

We have tended to shy away from distributing to the big global corporations. This has been largely as a kind of protest against the dreadful imbalance in the way they remunerate artists. This corporate unfairness is a widely discussed topic and you can easily read more about it online. However, we tend to feel that it has become necessary to bite the bullet and launch our bands on those platforms.

You can even download the Signmaker and Rage in Heaven albums from some of those services as well. However, we would recommend using Bandcamp for downloads. With Bandcamp, you will pay a lot less and our bands will receive a significantly bigger slice of the pie.

Bandcamp are simply the best platform for music downloads as far as the artist is concerned. If you are an artist, you should definitely sign up! Please click here to go to the Wud Records Bandcamp page.

Bandcamp also have a community feature, and you can join ours if you click here.

The Signmaker and Rage in Heaven albums are being distributed in partnership with CD Baby. CD Baby were offering an exceptionally special deal on their one-off payments for lifetime distribution. Although that offer has ended now, their costs for submissions are drastically reduced, especially for albums.

If you are thinking about distributing an album or single, it may well be worth your while giving CD Baby a try. Their one-off payment for a lifetime of distribution is a far better deal than having to pay for distribution every year.

In order to make it easier for fans to find Dark Company‘s music on all the different streaming platforms, we recently created a linktree for Dark Company, and indeed our other active acts – Flicker, Pok the Bard and The Bastard Sons of Dennis.

We shall be distributing more of our bands albums via CD Baby in the coming weeks. Please follow our Twitter and bookmark our News service to keep up with all such developments.

Below are links to where you can stream Dark Company‘s Signmaker and Rage in Heaven albums. More such links will be added to Dark Company‘s linktree and the Wud Records Links page in due course.