Dark Company: Signmaker upgrade

A Signmaker upgrade has taken place across various platforms. This includes the lyrics, artworks, fun facts and song information. Platforms include Bandcamp and SoundCloud as well as the Explicit Music website.

All song information is now consistent across all platforms. This will minimise confusion. Fans of Dark Company can now find everything they need to know about the Signmaker album everywhere, rather than having to search around on various websites for all the information.

This Signmaker upgrade has been long overdue. All of the other Dark Company albums will be similarly upgraded in due course. We are planning further upgrades throughout the Wud Records website.

There will be further news regarding Signmaker and its global distribution in the near future. This will be announced in our News service and on Twitter.

Signmaker was Dark Company’s first album. It was originally released as a seven-song cassette just in time for Christmas in 1991. All the original copies were sold or given away.

The first Signmaker upgrade occured in Spring 1992, with a reissue that included the EastEnders Remix of Crash and a demo version of The Joker.

When CD burning became more ubiquitous, Signmaker was again re-released in 2000. This version of the album had another seven bonus tracks and new artwork, including an eight-page booklet in a jewel case CD.

In 2010 we decided to remaster the whole album. It sounded so much better afterwards! We gave it new artwork and global distribution.

Click here to peruse Dark Company’s Signmaker pages at the Explicit Music website, if you would like to read all the upgraded lyrics and song information.

If you would like to listen to Signmaker over at SoundCloud, please click here.

Should you prefer to listen to it right here at the Wud Records website, please click here to open the page.

If you would like to listen at Bandcamp, please click here.

All those who download a full price Dark Company album are invited to listen to their newest songs, which are still work in progress and demos. All of these songs are kept under wraps and are not available to the general public. Please click here for more information!